An HT4® fabric acquires the ability to interface with the wavelengths of infrared radiation (NIR; SWIR; MWIR; LWIR; FIR).

HT4® makes a target:
– undetectable, non-targetable and unrecognizable to airborne and terrestrial thermal emitted infrared (TIR) electro-optoelectronic systems and sensors.

– non-targetable against land-based and airborne weapon systems (ASM Air to Surface Missile, UCAV Combat Strike Category) guided by Infrared/Heat Research.

–  undetectable, non-targetable, and unrecognizable to VIS-NIR infrared systems and sensors.

Born to be invisible.

It is very important to consider the environment and climatic conditions in which you are going to operate, as they can drastically change the response of any measures against thermal sensors. Thanks to HT4® technology, we are able to adapt the product perfectly to always obtain maximum performance in any type of environment or climatic condition, whether it is more than 45 degrees in the desert or temperate environments and climates, or below 0 degrees in the snow-covered mountains.

HT4® is being tested for passive defense against SAR ( Synthetic Aperture Radar ) aeronautical and satellite systems. The results obtained so far are excellent.

Military fabrics

HT4® is a technical device, but it behaves and remains a fabric. In fact, it maintains all textile properties, including breathability, lightness, wearability, and workability.

  • Breathable
  • Lightweight (from 120 gsm to 145 gsm)
  • Thickness (from 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm)
  • Water-resistant
  • Ocean Water-resistant
  • Washable
  • Easy to wear or to apply or light structures
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Great Temperature management

HT4® can be double-faced, meaning it can have two types of camouflage (desert on one side, multiterrain on the other side e.g.) on the same product, with maximum performance for two different environments. HT4® does not have any restrictions regarding the use of different camouflage. HT4® can provide both 2D and 3D materials for better hiding in normal view. HT4® is able to adapt to any product, personnel, vehicles, military installations, weapons, etc in static or dinamic situation. It was demonstrated by covering the turbine of a helicopter, that HT4®, adapted for the purpose, is able to effectively shield temperatures above 800 degrees.

The analysis and characterization of HT4 technology was carried out by the “University of Florence, Chemistry Department Ugo Schiff,” which released a technical report on all the tests conducted. These tests included compositional and surface analysis and characterization, interaction analysis with infrared radiation, salt spray corrosion test, moist heat corrosion test, thermal stress from 150°C to 250°C, and Ocean Water corrosion test.

Approvals and certifications

HT4® has been tested against system and sensors equipped on fighter planes, cargo planes, helicopters, drones, terrestrial system and sensors including the latest multispectral sensors.

HT4® has been tested by the best European special Forces, demonstrating its maximum efficiency.

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